Monday, August 10, 2009


Two things I learnt real quick while I was in the States -
1. Working pay phones are almost impossible to find. When I was in SF I had to go to the subway to find a phone.
2. Internet cafes are a thing of the past. Almost everywhere offers free wifi, but there always a catch.

Hence the reason this blog was never updated. Now I'm back, I'll get down to re-telling some of the stories. Before I go into anymore details on what went down, I decided to make a "good dudes" and "dicks" list for the people I met while I was away. I'll start with the good dudes.

Good dudes, in no particular order;

All the DC crew for getting me out there - Jake, Cherice, Ben, James
Eric Dressen - no radder person out there than this guy.
Paul Merrell - Best Santa Cruz tour guide
Andrew Mecum from DLX
Felix Arguelles
Daniel Castillo
Joey Brezinski (or "manny mania" as I kept yelling out because I was too drunk)
The family from Santa Cruz who took me to dinner in SF
Lenny, the burger guy at the X Games
Jeff Kendall
Novak - funny guy
FTC guys for showing me the spots
Ron Whaley
Troy and Col from Element
YCH crew
and surprisingly, Mary Murphy makes the cut.

Dicks list;

Colin McKay
Danny Sargeant
The dude who showed me his gun
The guy complaining who sat in front of me on the plane.

More to come.

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