Saturday, October 17, 2009


Now I have some spare time, I can start updating this shit with some US pics. Some limo treatment..

We bailed from the hotel as soon as we got there and did the touro stuff down in Hollywood

There was a crazy ass chick yelling at everyone to stay away from MJ's star on the blvd
Hollywood Hills looking down over L.A.
That's Hollywood at the front, downtown L.A. in the distance - where we stayed.
Our tour guide - dude looked like Dr Phil.
I skipped a heap of pics here - just of Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills and shit. We walked from Venice Beach to Santa Monica, in the background.
The Santa Monica triple set. Good time to add in P-Rod's Nike ad. Switch 360 flip? Damn. Click on the pic to watch.

Santa Monica Pier.Long walk out to the water. Dudes got more sand than Egypt.
The hotel carpark.
The view from the suite at the Staples Centre
Could almost reach out and spin the wheels
Drunk ass pic with Joey Brezinski. I gave him shit almost the whole night and the dude was still cool.
This is what we got on the first day. Every afternoon, you'd come back to a bag full of Monster drinks and Asahi cans
The corporate box at the Home Depot centre. Rally / moto x track right in front of us. It was fuckin hot this day.
Rally Car jumpin'

I'm skipping out the party pics because most of them are messy. This is what my wrist looked like after 4 days solid. Seems we needed a wristband for everything.
I was stoked to get to San Fran for a few days after burning out at the X Games. Thanks DC for the experience.
The view up the hill outside my hotel.
Possibly the skateboard worlds most famous tiles.
China Banks - never knew it was a bridge.

The Pier
Seals just chillin' at Fishermans Wharf
Krooked ass Lombard Street.
Drove down to Santa Cruz for a day and looked around NHS. Paul is the best tour guide. Cheers mate.
Had 2 quick rolls on the ol' girl - Derby Park. The walls are like concrete cellulite.
Had organised with Eric Dressen to get a screaming hand tattoo on my last day back in L.A. Dude drove out to my hotel, picked me up, gave me the tatt, had some grub, then drove me round showing me all the old spots. Fucking ruler.
Inking up my leg. Man, it hurt the most out of all my tattoos.

Almost done. It took hours because we were talking so much shit. (mainly me asking skating questions)

Last of all, no trip to the States is complete without some Mexican food and beer.

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